Acala Free Audio Recorder


Record audio from an external source to your device


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If you are starting to record your own music, playing an instrument and recording your voice from a microphone, Acala Free Audio Recorder is a simple software that can help you with your first musical steps.

This free audio recorder will register the sound from any external source, and save it directly as an MP3 file so it is compatible with most devices.

If, on the other hand, you are starting to create a podcast, you can also add audio from the CD player or any other external source, not just the microphone.

Acala Free Audio Recorder is a useful and reliable application that can give you different possibilities so your recordings can be adjusted to your preference, even with respect to audio quality and Kbps.

Using it is extremely easy: you have to choose the destination folder for exported recordings, and press Start when you are ready, Stop when you are done. Before exporting the file, you can check its length and size.

Now you can record everything that is playing on your device in the easiest and most effective way.

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